Training for Aghaloo Fight Night Fundraiser

During the past 4 months, there has been a ‘Battle of the Clans’ in Aughnacloy as five different clans contend for their leader to become the ‘Chieftain of Aghaloo’. As well as being a bit of craic, the main reason behind this is to raise funds for a new community centre in the Aghaloo and Blackwater area. The leader of the clan that raises the most money will have the bragging rights of becoming the Chieftain.

‘Clan Mickey Muldoon’ have organised a major Fight Night to take place on Saturday 20th August in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan and I was asked to take a few promotion photos during a training session.

I had a few ideas of shots I wanted in my head before I left home and I also saw this as an opportunity to do some ‘off-camera flash’ which I don’t always get.

The training session was held in the boxing gym in Emyvale which had a terrific graffiti wall so I decided so set up my gear for individual shots of the boxers in a small corner there. I literally had 30 seconds with each boxer to get their individual portraits. Below are a few examples of what I got;

Leslie Stevenson poses for one of the shots. My flash was set up on a light stand to camera left leaving me with more control over light direction and exposure. These photos were all taken at 17mm due to the tight amount of space there was available to me in the room as the other boxers trained.


Although I loved the colour of the graffiti wall behind the boxers, I converted some shots to black & white afterwards as I hoped it gave them more of a dramatic feel. Pearse Gildernew here had a great boxing pose and he certainly looks the part!


My cousin John Mc Anespie is another local taking part in the boxing night. I preferred the black & white version of this photo over the colour.


When I got each boxer’s photo, I them had time to get a few photos of the boys training around the gym.

Aghaloo boxing trainer Adrian Halligan gives a cheeky smile for the camera! This was taken with my 50mm f1.4 lens due to the amount of natural light it can pick up (without the need for a flash) and the depth of field it can also create.


For this photo, I managed to catch Phelim training at the other end of the room as two punch bags (on the left and right) were swinging back and forth together in the foreground.


Brian Cuddy gives Shea Loughran a blow during a training match. This was taken with my 24-70mm lens due to its large aperture but ISO 2000 was still required on the camera to ensure a fast shutter speed due to the poor lighting in the room.


Unlike photographing the Tyrone football team in Croke Park, this was one time I was glad I was at my end of the camera. After witnessing some of the “light training” drills and practice rounds in the ring, tonight confirmed to me that I was never cut out to be the next Rocky Balboa! :-)

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